Results from the December 2017 Clemency Board hearing

Dwight Griffin gets 4-0 vote for clemency!

On December 7th, attorney (and SCP board member) Jennifer Horwitz presented before the Clemency & Pardons Board on behalf of her client, Dwight Griffin. Ms. Horwitz described a man who struck out on drug-related robbery charges, but who has made a remarkable turn around, staying clean and sober, remaining dedicated to his family, and praying for a chance to redeem himself. Mark Roe, the Snohomish County Prosecutor, appeared in person to describe his positive interactions with Dwight and Dwight's family, and how impressed he was by the genuine remorse and dedication to sobriety that Dwight displays. Mr. Roe thought Dwight deserved a second chance.
The board agreed.
The vote was 4-0, in favor of recommending clemency.

Going to bat for their clients...

Tom Kelly (K&L Gates) presented before the board on behalf of his client, Charles DeFrates. In spite of a long sentence and impressive prison record, the board wasn't ready to give Mr. DeFrates a chance yet. We sincerely thank Tom for all his hard work on behalf of his client. Even when these don't have the outcome we hoped, we believe that advocating for forgotten men and women is worth it.
Tim McGarry and his client, Frank Angehrn, were able to present before the board on December 8th, but due to a delay from the King County Prosecutor, we will not know the results of this hearing for several more months.
Wish us luck!

Richard Kent is going home!

The governor has signed off on the clemency petition of Richard Kent, who was represented at his hearing by a team from Lane Powell. He has a slow step-down process that should be completed next year.