Clemency Basics

Familiarize yourself with the process

The Clemency Process in WA takes shape in 5 steps

  1. Submitting a petition to the Clemency Board.

  2. Having your case chosen to be heard by the Clemency Board.

  3. Presenting your case to the Clemency Board.

  4. The board votes on whether or not to send a recommendation for Clemency to the governor.

  5. Action by the governor to grant or deny Clemency.

What is the Clemency Board?

  • The Board consists of five members appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate (RCW 9.94A.880(1).


  1. James A. McDevitt Chair

  2. Chief Raul Almeida Member

  3. Evelyn P. Yenson Member

  4. Rhonda Salvesen Member

  5. Cheryl Angeletti-Harris Member

Learn more about the current board here.

  • Members of the Board serve terms of four years or until their successors are appointed (RCW 9.94A.880(2)).

  • In order to maintain the highest level of ethical standards and to protect the fairness of the proceeding, a board member will not discuss a petition pending before the Board, or a matter anticipated to be presented to the Board, with anyone outside of the quarterly hearings. Please do not contact a member of the Board about a petition.

Learn more about the clemency petition process

The governor has page dedicated to clemency. You can also download forms, find Q&As, find the schedule for future hearings and the results of previous ones. Visit it here

Watch a Hearing allows you to view previous hearings. Go to the menu put in the search word "clemency." We highly recommend watching at least one hearing before submitting a petition.