If you or a loved one would like to be considered for the Seattle Clemency Project, please review the information below.

  • The legal representation you receive will be pro-bono.

  • Due to the large number of requests we receive, we ask for your patience as we review your file.

  • While we will respond to each inquiry we receive, certain cases will have the greatest chance of success. If we feel that your case will not be successful at the current time, we may ask you take certain steps (such as participating in education programs or lowering your infraction rate) and then get in touch with us a little later.

Requirements for our services:

  • You have served at least 10 years. The Clemency and Pardons Board has a policy that they will not consider petitions for commutation unless ten years have passed since the date of sentencing. For more serious crimes, this will often need to be 20 years before the board will seriously consider your petition.

  • Your convictions do not include sexual assault or rape.

  • You have made a personal transformation.

  • You do not have any minor infractions in the past year. You do not have any major infractions in the past five years.

Some factors that will HELP your clemency petition (although these are not requirements for our organization)

  • Your sentence has been "stacked," meaning you are serving consecutive time for crimes committed during the same incident.

  • Your offense did not result in loss of life.

  • You have served at least half of your current sentence.

  • You have participated in prison programs designed to ease your reintegration and have displayed model behavior during your sentence.

  • You are a three striker with no murder convictions.

The forms below can be downloaded. Please fill out and return both forms to be considered for the Seattle Clemency Project. 

SCP Client Application - .PDF

SCP Release Form - .PDF

Please send forms to:

Seattle Clemency Project 

c/o Jon Zulauf

1126 34th Ave, #208

Seattle, WA 98122

Finally, if you do not meet the requirements above, please know that you are welcome to file for clemency on your own. There are links to the governor's website in our 'Clemency Basics' tab.