Hello new website manager! Just wanted to leave some thoughts I had for the website going forward since I am leaving.

All of the work I did with the website involved me having 0 coding experience, so if you do have coding experience there are probably design changes you could make to make the website look better formatted. If you don't have any coding experience, then you will be fine, since I was fine. 

If you haven't worked with Squarespace before, you can find tutorial videos on their website here, which I found very helpful and would recommend watching if you have time. Other than that, the best way to learn is simply to play around with the functions of the website.

Now for a confusing excerpt on how I've been designing the website(apologies in advance): The tabs at the top of the website are the 'folder' icons you see on the 'Pages' section of the Squarespace website editor. Those folders hold editable 'pages' which are the dropdown options when you hover over each tab on the website. Some of those pages carry links in (usually) bolded text to different files that are currently 'not linked' on the website. This is because 'Indexes' cannot be put under 'Folders' so you have to separately link them through creating new 'pages' under each 'folder'. I apologize if this is really confusing, but it will make sense once you play around with what I've done. I suggest looking at how I've linked the 'About Us'--> 'Our Volunteers' section to the unlinked Index: 'Our Volunteers (unlinked)' that are where the biographies are located.

There are some extra 'pages' in the 'not linked' section under 'WIP's' folder, which are projects that have been started or ideas for projects that haven't been started, that may be good to follow up on. I've left some notes on them so you can understand what my thought process for how it could be completed or implemented going forward.  Either click on the page itself or look in the 'settings' (the cog on the right as you hover over the page) of that page to see my comments.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at kensiow99@gmail.com