Jennifer Horwitz

Board President

Jennifer Horwitz graduated Harvard Law School in 1993.  Instead of using her education to pursue a lucrative job in a big law firm (as did 96% of her class), Jennifer used her degree to pursue her passion of representing people accused of crimes.  Jennifer has been practicing criminal law in Seattle since 1994, when she began her career first as an associate for Finegold, Zulauf and Englehard and then as a public defender in King County.  As a public defender Jennifer represented adults charged with state misdemeanors and felonies as well as juveniles.  Jennifer has been in private practice since 2001 and has expanded her practice to include federal criminal defense and protection and anti-harassment order cases.  Jennifer has been handling federal criminal cases since 2002 and has handled a variety of large and complex federal cases.  She has represented persons accused of crimes in jury trials in both state and federal court. 

Jennifer currently represents a deserving client of the Seattle Clemency Project and they recently appeared before the Clemency and Pardons Board. Jennifer's client received a unanimous recommendation for clemency.