Seattle Clemency Project is committed to giving second chances to individuals involved with the criminal justice system. Partnering with various pro bono lawyers in Washington, we are the only non-profit organization in Washington focusing on using Clemency as a means of helping reformed individuals we believe would make positive impacts in our community.


Our mission at the Seattle Clemency Project is to help deserving, transformed, long-serving prisoners chart a path to clemency.

This is Ronnie Jackson. While incarcerated, he turned his life around through discovering his passion for reading and learning. As of 2016, he has read over 700 books, earned five vocational certificates, and has successfully created a better environment for both himself and others around him. What makes Ronnie extraordinary can be seen in his actions. He became the President of the Cultural Organization Group at Clallum Bay in 2011, developing cultural awareness events and holding weekly conflict resolution sessions between inmates and staff sponsors. He was promoted to minimum security in 2012 and was asked to be a part of the Violence Prevention Committee, made up of only 12 inmates, specifically chosen and cleared by the administration. This impactful group is credited with helping Stafford Creek become the least violent facility in the state in 2014. In September of 2016, he was voted to be chairman of the Violence Reduction Committee at Stafford Creek, a group the Superintendent created which consists of 10 staff members and 25 inmates working together to prevent violence at the facility. Ronnie's actions show an extraordinary desire and willingness to make use of his previous experiences to make positive impacts in his community, and should he be released, we believe that he can make an even greater impact.


We match individuals who have been incarcerated for at least 10 years (often more, depending on the offense) with volunteer lawyers to assist in petitioning the governor for a commutation. Through the process, we provide support and resources to both attorney and client.

We first review the submissions sent to us. (Please see the "For Incarcerated Individuals" or “For Pardon Candidates” tabs for further information.) Once we feel they are a good candidate for clemency, we match that individual with an attorney working pro-bono. Together, they review the case and chart the best options available for clemency. While each lawyer will fully assume responsibility for their cases, the Seattle Clemency Project will provide counsel and support.