George Clark’s pro bono counsel pictured .

George Clark’s pro bono counsel pictured .

 With counsel by Meredith Dishaw of Williams Kastner and Reshvin Sidhu of Lane Powell PC, George Clark was granted clemency by Governor Inslee in November of 2018 following a successful hearing in June of that year. With release in the near future, George is thrilled for this second chance to give back to our community in order to remedy his prior harms.

George Clark, or “Casey” to those who know him, was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole over seventeen years ago based on his third strike of second-degree robbery. When looking at the circumstances in which George was raised, it is not too surprising that he took the path that he did. At thirteen years old, he fled his home because of the physical abuse he faced and subsequently engaged in crime as a means for survival. Before his last crime, he had moved to Seattle to reconnect with his brother and find employment, but ultimately found himself homeless and hungry. George recognizes that these actions were harmful and inexcusable, and he is committed to giving back to the community in any way that he can.

Demonstrating his transformation and exceptional circumstances warranting clemency are George’s involvement in numerous productive programs while incarcerated. He has obtained his GED and pursued his love of literature during his sentence. Additionally, he has engaged in the “Makin’ it Work” Program which allowed him to find ways to manage his anger and struggle with authority. He has developed the skills necessary to be a sewing machine operator and will pursue employment in this field upon release. Lastly, he has fundraised for the Wounded Warrior Project from within prison demonstrating his desire to contribute more than the typical citizen to his community.

Despite not having family in the area, George has built significant relationships that will be his support system upon release. Speaking at his hearing, a former DOC employee, Kimberly Van Tessel, expressed her consideration of Mr. Clark as an adopted father and her certainty that he will be a good member of society. In addition, Claudia Vitello shared that they began communicating during his sentence which led to a romantic partnership, and she is willing to move from Virginia to Washington to be with him.

Due to his exceptional representation by those at Williams Kastner, George Clark will soon embark on the second chance at life that he deserves. In his old age, the peace and love for life that he has discovered promise a trajectory that diverges from his past.